My new favorite hashtag might have to be ” #kickasskentuckian ”
I think I’d like to be described as that one day.

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I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.

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Carissa Gallo

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"I don’t wear a bikini on the beach. I walk around my house in pyjamas. I haven’t seen myself naked in the mirror for probably a decade. I’m very prudish."

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Cherishing riverside summer sunsets and wonderful music before a 5 hour drive separates us for a little while. #louisville #waterfrontwednesday #bensollee


The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.

Ernest Hemingway 

You have this one life. How do you wanna spend it? Apologizing? Regretting? Questioning? Hating yourself? Dieting? Running after people who don’t see you? Be brave. Believe in yourself. Do what feels good. Take risks. You have this one life. Make yourself proud.

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